About Our Schools

One of the big draws for families to Coronado is the strength of the local schools

The Coronado Unified School District comprises of two elementary schools, a middle school, a continuation school, and a high school, all located on the island.  With a total of 3,176 students at these schools, class sizes are ideal for fostering a healthy environment throughout the students’ primary education.  In addition, families can also choose to enroll their children at two different schools for private and religious education options on the island.

Christ Church Day School has classes from Junior Kindergarten to sixth grade, and is affiliated with Christ Episcopal Church. 

Located on 9th and C, Christ Church Day School offers small class sizes (16 max) and a variety of clubs and after school programs for the students.  Sacred Heart Parish School is a Catholic private school affiliated with the Sacred Heart Church of Coronado.  Located on 6th and C, just across the street from Spreckels, Sacred Heart has created a welcoming environment for students to grow academically and spiritually.  They offer classes from kindergarten through eighth grade.

Coronado’s public schools consistently rank among the highest in academic performance.  The high school currently holds the highest API score in the San Diego County of Comprehensive High Schools, and Coronado Unified holds a combined API score of 894 as of 2012 (API scores range from 200-1000).

The staff at each of Coronado’s schools brings some of the best teachers, counselors, principles, vice principles, and superintendents to the district.  The superintendent is employed by the locally elected five member Board of Education, and the community plays a large role in encouraging the students to succeed alongside the staff.  A combined effort from teachers, staff, and parents puts together a comprehensive goal for the schools each year that address 21st century learning, communication, character education, and SMART goals in academics. 

Financially, the community helps support the school district through such events as the annual CSF telethon and dinner auction at the Hotel Del.  However, the community also encourages students to pursue their interests and passions by supporting school sporting events, art shows, performances, and programs such as NJROTC and AP (Advanced Placement) classes.  Local merchants often donate to the schools as well, while community members volunteer with the schools such as through the Rolling Readers program.

With support, the Coronado Unified School District has built a safe, open environment for students to grow academically and socially while helping them form a basis for successful future.

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