About The Morabito Group

Welcome to the Morabito Group!

Coronado’s premier mother and son team, The Morabito Group specializes in residential Coronado and San Diego real estate.
Consistently ranked in the top 25 nationwide for all of Real Living agents, Dino and Cheryl offer a unique insight into home buying and selling with over four decades of combined experience.

The Morabito Group handles the following real estate transactions in Coronado and San Diego:

  • Residential home buying and selling
  • Working with investors
  • Multi-unit purchases
  • Portfolio diversification
  • Property management
  • Residential development
  • New construction

As locals for over 20 years, Dino and Cheryl understand the ins and outs of the San Diego and Coronado community and use this insight to market their seller’s properties and find their buyers the perfect home to match their desired lifestyle.

Dino, Cheryl and The Morabito Group share a love of the real estate business. Buying, selling, and managing properties is their passion and it is their clients and the community that fuel it. It’s more than just selling a property: It’s taking the time to find the right fit for every individual and family to call home. This same principle extends to their outlook on development and construction. Dino and Cheryl want to see their community flourish, which means understanding the type of development that best fits the area and how development will affect the larger economy.

The Morabito Group prides itself on four core values:

Dino and Cheryl firmly believe in running an honest company. Just as clients can choose who to take their business to, Dino and Cheryl strictly work with others who share this value and have only good intentions. In life your reputation is everything, and it is their belief that an honest relationship and honest work will always be of greater value than a quick buck.

Communication is everything in real estate and The Morabito Group highly values open communication. As a homebuyer or seller, you want to know that your agent will be there when you need them. They are in constant communication with their clients and are always happy to answer questions and go the extra mile to ensure their client is satisfied. Dino and Cheryl want their business to go beyond the transaction and become an all around good experience, and communication is a key factor in making that happen.

In life as in business, you have to love what you do. Dino and Cheryl would not be as successful a realtor group as they are today without being passionate about the industry and the community. Seeing their clients thrilled with their purchase or home sale is the ultimate satisfaction.

The Morabitos have a drive and constant focus on maintaining the best real estate standards. Clients come first and Dino, Cheryl, and the entire team are always available to support them. They believe in creating a balance in their work so that each property gets the attention it should have and nothing gets overlooked. When you work with the Morabito Group, they are focused on providing you with the highest level of service possible.