The Village

The Village is the main section of the island, from 1st Street down on the bay side overlooking the San Diego Skyline to the Hotel Del.

The main advantage of living in the Village is you can walk or bike to everything; the beach, the bay, school, restaurants and grocery stores. With its own police department serving the small city, Coronado is one of the safest communities around, so you will always feel safe, even if you decide to take a midnight walk. As a large tourist destination, there is a unique atmosphere in Coronado, giving the town a constant undercurrent of cheerful energy. Locals love to walk down to a nearby restaurant for a drink and pretend they are on vacation for a few hours. Orange Street cuts through the center of town offering dining, shopping and local services.

The schools on Coronado are consistently among the highest rated in the county and boast the highest graduation rate for all of San Diego and Imperial counties. The Village Elementary School, Coronado Middle School, and Coronado High School all offer fantastic public education for Coronado village residents. Families will appreciate their children can bike to school safely with other kids in their neighborhood. Sports and recreational activities is another advantage to living here. Throughout the year there are a number of sports and clubs for your children to participate in, each with beautifully kept facilities.