Cheryl Morabito

Licensed Realtor
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CalBRE#01183389: Cheryl Morabito began her real estate career in the 1980’s in Nevada. A graduate of the Realtor Institute, Cheryl is a top notch professional with over 30 years of real estate experience.

Her enthusiasm for the industry sparked Dino’s own interest, and had she not been so passionate about the business, he never would have followed suit.

Cheryl has a background in commercial real estate and runs the property management side of the group. She owns and maintains her own rentals giving her an edge and more personal understanding of this side of the business. Managing properties has always been second nature for Cheryl. For her, real estate is all about meeting people, connecting, and helping them buy or sell not simply a “property”, but a home. Cheryl knows exactly what to consider when looking at a home or rental, and strives to ensure that at the end of the day all aspects of the experience have led her clients to be happy and satisfied.

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